Revamping Lunch!

Today we are going to talk about revamping lunch! Whether you pack your lunch, eat in a cafeteria, drive through, or eat out, there is always room for improvement. There are usually many things to blame for the quality of our lunches… lack of time, no refrigerator, no microwave, eating out etc. To me, these are excuses. You can always make it happen if you prioritize it, plan for it, and place some value in it.

First, I want to tackle lunch skippers and get that out of the way. The working person spends 8-10 hours awake at work and only around 5 hrs awake at home. It make no sense whatsoever to not fuel yourself during those busy work hours. So if you find yourself working through lunch, or ravenous as you arrive home from not taking a break, make time for lunch. Set an alarm on your phone, email calendar, or watch. When it goes off, take your break. Go to the cafeteria and eat something please. Bring a microwave meal or swing by a Subway. But don’t skip lunch.

Set phone alarms to remember to eat meals and healthy snacks on busy work days!

Set phone alarms to remember to eat meals and healthy snacks on busy work days!

All you other people out there who regularly participate in the midday meal, let’s make it better. School children have vegetables with lunch… how many of you still do? When I don’t have access to a salad bar, where I go veggie crazy, I am a baby carrots kind of girl. Why not pack leftover cooked vegetables for the next day to heat up with a sandwich? It is true that vegetables are not necessarily convenient… they need to be washed, peeled, cut, cooked and most people prefer them seasoned. As you prepare vegetables for dinner take the opportunity to pack some for lunch the next day. This simple step will remove all excuses. If you like raw veggies such as carrots, celery, and broccoli, prep a bunch of little baggies at the beginning of the week, and grab one each morning. If you are ordering out for lunch you know that veggies are on the menu…make a good choice.

Fill up on the good stuff before making any indulgences. If you decide, after a healthy and well balanced lunch, that you need something sweet or a fun size bag of chips, ask yourself if you are still really hungry. Try not to pack these items everyday (you know who you are… eh hmmmmmm Dad), instead swap them out for some low-fat yogurt, a piece of fruit, or of course, some vegetables. Cut out the pop and drink water. Sweeten it with some Crystal Light if you have to, but pop has nothing good in it for you.

Let’s hope we found a way to tweak your lunch! Lastly, remember that lunch is a break. Take time to back away from the monitor and put down the touch phones. Be conscious of your healthy and delicious food. Spend some social time with some coworkers and recharge for the second part of the day.

Check back soon for round 3 of revamping your meals – Dinner!


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