Super Bowl Healthy Snacks!

So the Super Bowl is fast approaching which usually boils down to a night of snacking and drinking. Even as a registered dietitian I do participate in these activities and I want to share with you how I rehab popular snack foods. Now, the best  suggestion I could probably give would be to set up a salad bar, but I am going to share with you how to transform your regular Super Bowl snacks and add some health back into them!

– Chip/Vegetable Dip: Start with a base of plain nonfat greek yogurt and mix in your own seasonings like french onion or ranch. Whether you are dipping chips (hopefully the baked kind) or veggie sticks, you have removed all of the fat from the dip and added some protein which may actually help curb your binge.

–  Brownies: Gotta have something sweet! What I want you to do is throw out the box directions and use a can of pumpkin in your mix. Stir it in and bake @ 350 degrees for 25-30mins. You can feel a little less guilty knowing these brownies are packed full of Vitamin A!

– The worshiped taco dip: Use lean ground turkey, fat free sour cream and reduced fat cheese to lighten up this fat laden favorite. Instead of 7 layers of sinful deliciousness, the fat can be reduced, and when enjoyed in an appropriate serving size, it’s not the worst thing on the table.

– Instead of cheese doodles, pretzels and other chips with no nutritional value, pick whole grain crackers like Triscuits and whole grain crackers for some added fiber. Remember to set out equal veggies for dipping (cucumbers, celery, carrots, broccoli, grape tomatoes etc.)

– Set out fresh fruit with fat free whipped cream or reduced fat yogurt. This can also be counted as a healthy dessert substitute.

– Be the sneaky chef: Check out my recipe rehab page for the latest recipes including “mozzarella sticks” made from shredded cauliflower! I tried this recipe out for a play-off game gathering and learned a few tips along the way, which are shared at:

Try this recipe out for this Sunday's big game!

Try this recipe out for this Sunday’s big game!

So even if you are not hosting the big game t your own house, but instead bringing something to share, watch out for the waistlines of yourself and others. By bringing a healthy side like fresh fruit, or rehabbing your signature dish with some of the suggestions above, you can enjoy the game while doing your body a big favor.


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