My Stand Up Desk!

Blogging tonight from my homemade stand up desk!

Blogging tonight from my homemade stand up desk!

Since I moved into my new apartment in January, I have been obsessed with the idea of a stand up desk. This is the time when I started my blogging adventure, and I would end up sitting to write, edit, and post in the evenings after a pretty sedentary day. I have been contorted into positions involving horrible posture resulting in neck and shoulder aches. Because of this, I have been on a mission to assemble a stand up desk to decrease my health risks and burn a few extra calories.

Now, I am not working with a lot of space nor a large budget for this stand up desk of mine. You can find treadmill and stand up desks online for hundreds of dollars but that is not thrifty enough for me. I started on and ordered a nice large wood corner shelf. I was going to hang it (or really have my boyfriend hang it) at a comfortable standing height to set my laptop on in the front corner of my new bedroom in my new apartment. This was only $60 so I thought I was doing great and had found a good solution, but wouldn’t you know that the corner of the room in my new apartment is not a perfect 90 degrees… so the shelf didn’t fit. Very frustrating!

I had let the idea mellow for a bit, and one day while I was checking my daily Groupons, there was a Furinno Adjustable Vented Laptop Table listed in the groupon goods section. This thing was advertised to bend and fold into various laptop tables (with the added benefit of keeping it cool) for different sitting, laying, and desk positions. I immediately bought the groupon and now have perched the laptop table on a smaller desk and am typing from my new self-invented standing desk! It was so easy to set up and only wiggles slightly while I type and I love it! I may just have to purchase another for my office at work!

What’s my deal with sitting and relaxing you may ask? Sitting, for long periods of time (even at work), is associated with increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiac disease. I enjoy writing and blogging and I want to do it in a healthy fashion, so standing it is!

Read more about the health risks of prolonged periods of sitting here:


What are your thoughts?

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