My Skinny-Fat Boyfriend

Who would have thought, with a BMI of 24 (healthy) and a waist circumference of 34, my semi-active and young 25 year old boyfriend would be a ticking time bomb. He recently went for some routine blood work – and let me share with you the results:

LDL: 164

HDL: 35

Trig: 313

Fasting blood sugar: 112

Insulin level: 17

Now let me help you interpret the results. A healthy range for LDL cholesterol is <100 (Isn’t it fitting I wrote my post of dietary methods to reduce cholesterol just a few weeks ago?) HDL, or the good cholesterol should be >45 for men (>50 for women). Triglycerides are optimal at <100. A fasting blood sugar is normal at 70-99 and the insulin level is normal at <7.

Honestly, who would have thought…. and that answer is sadly – me! Let me tell you, I am already so proud of the lifestyle changes he has made including: eating breakfast everyday, running and training for races, and limiting excess sugars from soda and junk food. However, it is common knowledge that this guy lived on velveeta shells and cheese, oven pizzas, chef boyardee ravioli and beer during his college days. He is also known for his picky palate and detesting all vegetables! For the record he likes his starchy vegetables like peas and corn, but he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Thankfully, he has openly acknowledged and is ready to tackle this head on. Not only does he have me as his personal dietitian, he is also going to meet with another dietitian and friend of ours, taking ownership of his own health. This blood work has likely scared me more than him, so check back in the coming weeks as we embark on this journey to reverse his insulin resistance and young cardiovascular disease!


9 thoughts on “My Skinny-Fat Boyfriend

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