Our Food is Turning Green!

So one area that we are working on around here is getting my 25 year old boyfriend to eat his vegetables. What I have come to find out is that if the veggies are either cooked to mush, or pureed and hidden in recipes, the vegetables will be eaten. I do have to acknowledge that he did eat pesto roasted carrots for dinner the other day… but we are nowhere near the salad zone.

The vegetable that has been most frequently incorporated into his diet, my all time favorite, is spinach! This is due to the fact that spinach is easily pureed and “hidden”, though not easily camouflaged, into many dishes. Every morning there is a half cup of raw spinach blended into his protein shake, which is perfectly disguised by the frozen berries. The shake turns out to be a muddled shade of purple, but still very appetizing. If you frequently make shakes, I highly recommend adding spinach to your smoothies.

Hide spinach in protein smoothies!

Hide spinach in protein smoothies!

Pureed spinach was also added to our chicken alfredo the other evening. I used Progresso Recipe Starters, Cooking Sauce, Creamy Parmesan Basil and used the Magic Bullet to blend in a 1/2 cup cooked spinach to each serving. Served over Dreamfields Pasta and diced chicken breast, you would never know that there was spinach in the dish…just kidding! Our food was bright, slime green! However you really couldn’t taste it! So if you are okay with a colorful plate, try adding spinach to your sauces and soups!

Extra nutrients added, if you don't mind the color!

Extra nutrients added, if you don’t mind the color!

Next, spinach was again pureed and added to our breakfast egg muffins. I modified the egg muffins wrapped in turkey bacon (from my recipe rehab page) to include pureed spinach. Now, if I was making these just for me, I would have no issue just stirring in the cooked spinach, however that is not edible according to Wes. So I used 1 cup of liquid eggs whites and mixed in pureed spinach with 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese. I sprayed the muffin tins with nonstick cooking spray and placed diced up turkey patties in the bottom of each and then poured the egg and spinach mixture over. If you eat with a blindfold on, you would never know there was spinach in the egg muffins, but once again our food was bright green!

Kind of like green eggs and ham, right?

Kind of like green eggs and ham, right?

So our adventures with spinach are sure to be limitless and I imagine many more green meals popping up as we overhaul Wes’ diet. This method is not the most appealing, or even the easiest way to get your veggies in, but when you are dealing with a picky palate it does offer a solution! Bottom line, Wes is eating spinach…. he never saw that coming for 2013!


4 thoughts on “Our Food is Turning Green!

  1. Thanks for the great tip! I’ll definitely have to try this trick because I don’t really like spinach either, but I’ll eat it if it’s puréed!

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