Something We Can’t Live Without

So Wes has been working so hard and doing such a good job of following his meal plan. It has been 3 weeks already and he isn’t feeling deprived or discouraged at all (mostly because I am concocting yummy and healthy foods for him :)) In 3 more weeks his blood will be drawn again to see if any of the numbers have budged. Mainly we are hoping that his insulin resistance has been reversed and to see some of his lipids trending down.

This Flatout pizza is made with spinach and pesto  - topping options are limitless!

This Flatout pizza is made with spinach and pesto – topping options are limitless!

Going also with the reversing insulin resistance, carbs have been portion controlled and restricted these past few weeks. By now we are realizing there are some items out there that would make this impossible without. Wes’ favorite so far is the Flatout Wraps. These things are amazing nutritionally because of the 7 net carbs and the 9 grams of protein (varies slightly among products). They are versatile for a wrap as a sandwich with lunchmeat or for crock pot meals (like shredded buffalo chicken and salsa chicken) and they also toast up great to make high protein/low carb pizzas or quesadillas. Wes has also experimented with peanut butter and cinnamon for a dessert style wrap. These wraps have amazing potential and if you haven’t picked any up yet, I highly recommend them! Check out their Flatout Fresh blog for additional recipes and inspiration!

This (turkey) pepperoni Flatout pizza brings protein to the table!

This (turkey) pepperoni Flatout pizza brings protein to the table!


3 thoughts on “Something We Can’t Live Without

  1. Carrie, could you talk about the insulin resistance number. I feel so ignorant as a type 1 diabetic that I am not familiar with that number. My A1C is well controlled 6.0 but my endocrinologist wants my bad cholesterol to be between 70 and 100, it is currently 115, good is 53. So I have been reading and following Wes’ journey closely. Your recipes are great and tasty. Good luck to Wes!

  2. Hi, I am sorry for the long delay! I thought I had replied from my phone…. When talking about the insulin level, it measures the amount of insulin the pancreas is pumping out. Wes’ pancreas was putting out a lot of extra insulin because his cells were not up taking all the sugar in his blood because he often ate way to many carbs in one sitting. This is what makes him “insulin resistant”, along with his high fasting blood sugar of 112, meaning there is extra sugar floating in his blood. Eventually his pancreas would tire out and he would develop type II diabetes. As a type 1, it is likely that your pancreas is already done producing insulin (this makes it an autoimmune disease vs the lifestyle disease that type II is). Hope this helps! And congrats on your A1C, that is a great number!!

  3. […] Flatout pizzas again! Great for those nights you just don’t feel like cooking. Like on a Thursday evening, before a 3 day Holiday Weekend! We are going on a little get away with a few friends to the Southernmost point in the U.S. We will be covering Key West by foot as we are arriving by ferry from Ft. Myers… maybe that will help offset a few drinks Remember your health this weekend and play outside, take a bike ride or go for a walk. Bring a healthy dish to a picnic and stop eating when you feel full. Have a great weekend everyone! […]

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