I’ll Drink to That

So one major thing 20-something-year-olds like to do is drink. How, you may be wondering, does drinking fit into these healthy lifestyle changes of a 25 year old guy? Those calories from alcoholic beverages, plus all the sugar, really add up. In Wes’ case, these beverages have not been given up entirely, but quantity and variety of drinks has changed.


First off we are not unwinding at the end of every work day with a drink, as was often the case in weeks prior. Casual drinks throughout the week add up in calories and contribute excess sugars which our insulin resistant guy doesn’t need. So drinking during the week at home has been cut out. However, if it is “guys night” or a Thursday night happy hour, smart drink choices are made. Also, we plan NOT to order food during happy hour. When arriving to happy hour with a protein based snack just eaten, we avoid making poor food choices and end up saving some moolah in the process! A protein based snack or meal eaten while drinking is functional to help keep blood sugars stable while consuming alcoholic beverages. Lastly, his drinks are limited to two – which is the recommendations for men anyways.


You also need to consider the drink of choice. I am known for loving sweet drinks made with fruit juices and other mixes. However, these tropical type of drinks are loaded with sugar and extra calories. Not the best choice for me or anyone. Wes is more of a beer kind of guy… but a dark, craft beer kind of guy. These beers are notoriously higher in carbs and calories, not what we are aiming for right now. So Wes has become a whiskey and diet kind of guy. By choosing an alcohol with a calorie free mixer, he is making a wiser drink decision. The other beverage up for grabs is wine, and make it red for your heart health!

Saves a ton of calories and really tasty.... just add your own alcohol!

Saves a ton of calories and really tasty…. just add your own alcohol!

Even though Wes wouldn’t be caught dead with a drink with a fancy fruit kabob and umbrella, I am going to share with you how I lighten up my alcoholic drinks. My secret is crystal light. Whether it is mixing vodka with crystal light raspberry lemonade or using one of their special drink mixes (coming in appletini, margarita, or mojito flavors), I like to concoct my own fancy little drinks. I also have been known to bring crystal light packets to bars and other outdoor events…ordering a vodka and water and dumping it right in! Everyone will want to know where you got that drink, just don’t get caught ;)


So, out of the past 3 (almost 4) weeks there was only one night where more than 2 drinks were consumed. By almost completely eliminating binge drinking (or saving it for special events) we have cut out a lot of extra drinks. We are still having fun and not missing out on anything that we want to do. Part of this is transitioning from a college mindset to that of a young professional… and we are well on our way to becoming TWO healthy young professionals….who only over indulge on occasion :)


What are your thoughts?

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