Changes That Stick

Dinner tonight was BBQ pulled pork from the crock pot with roasted Brussels sprouts inspired from this pinterest find! We found out that only gourmet Brussels sprouts are acceptable and I better step it up on the chef level if Wes is going to be eating ALL of his Brussels sprouts. Wes had his blood drawn this morning which is a nice sigh of relief, but by no means is he going all crazy and eating everything under the sun. I know he is looking forward to a couple slices of pizza tomorrow night with his family, but he has formed a new habit and this way of eating has become natural for him.

Love my crock pot! Brussel's sprouts seasoned with olive oil, garlic and a dash of salt!

Love my crock pot! Brussels sprouts seasoned with olive oil, garlic and a dash of salt!

Speaking of new habits… do you have any goals you are working on? Whether they are nutrition or fitness related goals, I have recently launched the C.A.A.N (Carried Away About Nutrition) Buddy Program, to help people stay focused on their goals throughout the month. This is a free program, and I invite you to join the inaugural session in June. You will be matched with a buddy who is also working on a lifestyle change. Along the way, I will be here to guide everyone in writing achievable goals, to share motivation, and to encourage each and everyone of you to be accountable to your word. You and your buddy will be able to share encouragement, be a support system, recount you small daily successes, share tips, ideas, and recipes and see each other through to the end. At the end of the month you have developed a new behavior that is now second nature and a part of who you are. To sign up visit: or click here to be taken directly to the sign up form. Please share this program with friends, relatives, coworkers, and anyone who may need an extra little nudge right now! Please email any additional questions to


2 thoughts on “Changes That Stick

  1. Love roasted Brussels sprouts. It’s the only way I currently like them.

    My goal is to get back on track eating healthy and avoiding all that bad junk. I was doing so well for 3 months, dropping 32 pounds and then I went on vacation and ate whatever and now having the hardest time staying on track. If I can’t stay on track, then neither can my wife as I do all the cooking. Gotta turn it around!

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