Free Buddy Program!

In May I am kicking off a FREE way to help you stick to your goals. We all are working on something… weight loss, toning, eating healthy, so why not get support from like minded individuals?  There is no large commitment involved, other than that you are finally ready to toss aside all other excuses and stick to your word.

The C.A.A.N. (Carried Away About Nutrition) Buddy Program is designed by me, a Registered Dietitian, to help YOU stick with your ambitions. The program is a built in support system for you as you conquer a specific goal in a months time frame. At the end of the month you will have achieved a new healthy habit and gained a buddy for support and as a new friend.

Share with family and friends!

Share with family and friends!

How it works:

By signing up for the Buddy Program you become support for another person in the program, to hold them accountable and to give encouragement to them to reach their specific goals. At the same time, your buddy is rooting you on and helping you keep your word as you complete the goals you set for the month.

Buddies are assigned and matched for one month. You will receive your buddy assignment on the first Monday of the month and will have 48 hrs to contact your buddy to share your goals, your story, and motivation. Throughout the month you and your buddy will keep in contact, sharing successes, hardships, recipes, encouragement and the experience of staying committed to your goals. Of course, you may feel free to stay in contact with buddies from previous months in order to grow your support network and create a personalized community of like minded people who can help keep you motivated along your journey.

Please contact with any questions. Please share with family member, friends, and coworkers that you know are struggling at this time! Visit to sign up or Click Here to be taken directly to the sign up sheet.



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