My Skinny and NOT so Fat Boyfiend

You may want to refresh yourself with the scarey state of health Wes was in only a few weeks ago. My Skinny Fat Boyfriend has made some major diet and lifestyle overhauls and the lab results have proven his hard work! Drum roll please….

LDL: 149 (-15 points)

HDL: 36 (+1 point)

Trig: 155 (-158 points)

Fasting blood sugar: 91(-21 points, normal range!)

Insulin level: 6 (-11 points, normal range!)

This folks, is a major win for lifestyle over medication and lifestyle prevailing over genes. He has also lost about 7 pounds and 3% body fat (so we have bought him some new jeans). We still have areas to improve, specifically some work on the lipids. However, it is a relief to know that his body is now functioning properly when it comes to the digestion and absorption of carbs, and he is no longer insulin resistant or pre-diabetic!

Don’t worry the journey doesn’t end here! These results are the motivation to eat more vegetables, get that run in, and to reach perfection of all the lab values. Many times Wes has relayed that he hasn’t felt deprived, that he has loved his tasty meals, and that he feels good. This redraw was after only 6 weeks! Time to focus on lowering the dietary saturated fats and getting that fiber in, using dietary methods to reduce cholesterol.

I will continue to share many of the new recipes that have been concocted during these weeks. I can tell you I have been doing a lot more cooking, but I am prepared and usually only at the grocery store once a week instead of the run in and get this or that method that was typical of a few months ago.
So I encourage you all to plow ahead with those necessary changes. My skinny fat boyfriend here is proof… and I guess I am not allowed to call him that anymore!


8 thoughts on “My Skinny and NOT so Fat Boyfiend

  1. Congratulations Wes! I am so glad you did this now for Carrie and I to get her brother and dad to get their blood work done.

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