The New and Improved Wes

It’s crazy to think that it’s been six weeks since I received the news that my blood results were awful, and that I needed to make drastic lifestyle changes… or else. Nevertheless, the last six week or so have flown by, and as I related in a previous update, I have not felt the least bit deprived as I have introduced a whole new world of foods into my daily routine.

Looking back it seems almost laughable that six weeks ago I did not eat broccoli, and would have told anyone who asked Р that I never would. However, much has changed and I now have an entirely different outlook on what I eat, and more importantly, why.

Growing up in a family and for the most part, a society, that never questions that the next meal will be right around the corner, I never thought much about the food that I ate, or the effects that it would have on my body. As an active kid and young adult, it never occurred to me that my pizza and pop tarts diet would one day catch up to me. Man, was I wrong.

The good news is that I had access to the means to get my blood work checked out, as well as the encouragement to do so from my coworkers and, of course, the author of this blog, my girlfriend Carrie. Though I still have work to do, such as getting my cholesterol completely in check and continuing to limit carbohydrates, I know that I will continue to succeed.

Many people have asked me what I’ve done to reverse my negative results so quickly, and in every case I explain that these results are not of my doing alone. Carrie has been a huge support all along the way, and I am positive that I would not have had the same results without her help and encouragement. Seriously people, listen to what she writes… this girl knows what she’s talking about.


3 thoughts on “The New and Improved Wes

  1. Wes – So happy that you saw such great results in 6 weeks. I know Carrie is extremely passionate about eating healthy and I am sure she was a great coach, inspiration and cook to help you along the way. I am getting my blood drawn next Saturday so we will see……

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