I Am Agreeing With Dr. Oz.

Usually, when I drive, I avoid commercials and talk shows like the plague, scanning through stations till I find something acceptable (yes, this is a bit hazardous at times). Monday morning I stopped on a talk show that was hosting Dr. Oz, thinking, ‘Oh great, what newest diet fad is he going to throw at us this time?’ I was right in the fact that he was talking about his newly launched diet (The Dopamine Diet), but I found myself agreeing with his take away points as the interview ended.

The host asked Dr. Oz for one tip that everyone should follow with their diet. The tip he gave was to “automize”, meaning eat the same breakfast and same lunch every single day.  By automating these two meals, the chance to make a poor decision is removed. In the moment, we are more likely to have a lapse in judgment, rather than a well thought out, packed or planned lunch. I was so happy to hear these words coming out of his mouth, because many of my patients listen and watch Dr. Oz… he is a highly influential man.

Automizing has been important for Wes’ success over the past 6 weeks and will help him to continue to improve. He eats 1 of 2 things for breakfast – a protein shake or cottage cheese with fruit. He eats 1 of 2 things for lunch – a ham wrap in a Flatout or leftovers from the night before. I also follow a similar pattern having 3 choices for breakfast and 3 choices for lunch.

Lastly, I have to point out that you need to automize a healthy choice. Dunkin Donuts or a drive through sausage and egg sandwich shouldn’t be your breakfast routine. Similarly, pizza or nachos shouldn’t be your go-to meals for lunch. If you need tips for automizing good choices click here for breakfast and lunch. I should also take the time to thank Dr. Oz for bestowing on us a simple tip, one that can make a big difference in weight management for many people, everyday.


3 thoughts on “I Am Agreeing With Dr. Oz.

  1. This is a good tip! Usually Dr. Oz is so annoying with all his in-your-face demonstrations and sensationalizing. Once he talked about how there is arsenic in apple juice, and while there may be traces, do you know anyone who ever died from it? He had a few people I know very upset and they won’t buy apple juice anymore. I told them to stop watching his show :)

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