A Food Adventure Making Wontons!

What’s one thing that everyone complains about with being on a diet? “It is boring!” “I hate eating the same thing over and over!” – And yes, my previous post was on “automizing” your diet. However, as I dietitian I just didn’t want to hear this complaint from Wes, so I got a little creative for a Friday stay at home date night. Now granted, we could just go out to eat and make good choices… but the temptation would be there and I have instituted a tight budget, so cooking at home is the best option for us.

Our homemade chicken wontons and edamame!

Our homemade chicken wontons and edamame!

When we went grocery shopping at Publix, I assumed I could find all the necessary ingredients there, but no. Stopped by Whole Foods, thinking they have larger ethnic sections, but no luck. So Wes was sent to the little Asian shop on his lunch, where he had a nice little lady help him pick out wonton paper. She could likely tell that he didn’t know what he was looking for, or about the 3 different kinds of wontons available (so she sold him on 2). This was the last and final ingredient we needed to make chicken wontons!

Making homemade wontons takes time, it’s tedious, but they are so good! I didn’t really follow a recipe, and instead just cooked the chicken with some rice wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and garlic powder. I then added the tiniest bits of carrots you have ever seen, minced by a boy who just started eating vegetables at the age of 25! I would have loved to added some cabbage, but I knew better than to push my luck.

Adding veggies any way I can!

Adding veggies any way I can!

I spooned the 1-2 tablespoons of the chicken with the itsy bitsy carrots on the center of a wonton wrapper and then wet the edges to pinch and seal it together. Wes took over on the stove, heating up a tiny bit of olive oil to cook the wontons. Once they are in the skillet they don’t take much more time.

Cooked in a tiny drizzle of olive oil, as to not stick to the pan.

Cooked in a tiny drizzle of olive oil, as to not stick to the pan.

We paired our chicken wontons with sauteed edamame. Edamame – something that sounds stange and exoctic, but perfectly okay and actually enjoyed by Wes. Edamame is a good source of protein and fiber. The wontons are actually pretty low in carbs since they are such a thin layer of dough. We feasted on about 10 wontons apiece for just 30 grams of carbs, and we absolutely loved preparing and eating this meal! The great part was we didn’t feel overstuffed or sluggish afterward. There we likely be more food adventures soon, and I will be sure to share!


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