Living in the Subtropics

At the coordinates of 26.1417° N, 81.7950° W, Naples, Florida falls into the subtropical zone. While this definitely has its perks most times of the year, let me tell you about my run this morning. I felt like part of my lung had been removed and my clothes were totally soaked through, like I had just gotten out of the pool. It was like running through a rainforest, all the while feeling oxygen deprived, as my sluggish body slowly covered just over six miles this morning. I was planning on eight miles, but that was reneged about ten minutes into my run. Luckily, it was overcast, because the situation could have been much worse if the hot sun had been beating down as well. You just don’t expect these conditions at 8AM.

I know I worked hard this morning. I went slower and shorter than I had hoped, but I expended a great amount of energy just getting as far as I did. When the run was over I got down on my ground and did my plank for the day. This morning I held it for 1 minute and 30 seconds, and I am pretty proud of that due to the exhaustion I was already feeling.

Wes opted out of planking so he could play photographer.

Wes opted out of planking so he could play photographer.

The best part about Saturday morning runs is going to the farmers market afterwards. Wes and I walked over to third street and perused the tents. Today’s purchases include mangoes, a pineapple, tomatoes, a cucumber, two kinds of peppers, and yellow squash. We also spent time chatting with the spice lady (I am hoping she comes up with a ranch seasoning soon), and with a fellow at the grass-fed beef tent learning about the local farm and their cuts of meat.

Farmer's Markets make my day!

Farmer’s Markets make my day!

One of the first things I did when I got home was to chop and prep the fresh fruits and vegetables so they are ready for meals and for snacking. I diced up the mangoes and pineapple (the mango I may freeze tomorrow to add to morning protein shakes). I chopped up the cucumber and tomatoes and tossed them with a can of chickpeas, homemade balsamic dressing, and goat cheese. Then I grated the yellow squash and a zucchini I had on hand.

Spoils from the Farmer's Market!

Spoils from the Farmer’s Market!

I am also working a little backwards this week because I didn’t have our menu planned out for next week prior to the farmers market. This was an experiment to see what local and seasonal produce I could find, and then incorporate into our menu. So menu planning is next, along with writing the grocery list in order to complete the rest of the grocery shopping at Publix later this afternoon. Living in the subtropics also means that it will likely rain sometime this afternoon… probably when I have a cart full of groceries leaving Publix.

Prep work is done!

Prep work is done!


4 thoughts on “Living in the Subtropics

  1. Carrie – I love your Saturday routine! I wish I had your energy and I like that as soon as you get home you prep your farmers market finds. That is one way to stay motivated and not let your purchases spoil because you just become too busy.

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