Beach Running

Beach running is different than street running, and can be a lot of work. Usually my pace suffers and typically it’s really hot with the sun going down in the Western Sky. The other night I threw a beach run in to mix up the monotony of sidewalks, blacktop and early mornings.

This was a great evening for a beach run, some of the humidity of the day had burned off and there was more flat and compact beach to run on (thanks to tropical storm Andrea). I typically run ipod-less on the beach because there are so many sights and sounds to take in. The beach also makes me happy, and when I am happy and positive, running is better.

A few minutes after I reached my turnaround point and started running back, I felt the first drop. A few more minutes in and it is coming down, but of course the sun is still shining… it is Florida after all! When I reach our chairs the dark clouds are headed to capture the sun and there is a full blown rainbow stretched throughout the Eastern skyline. Talk about a picturesque run! The rain was welcomed, cooling me down during the last 10 minutes of my run and it provided a fabulous finish (even if we didn’t get to stay for sunset).

Runs like these make it all worth it. They are the runs that make me proud to call myself a runner and thankful that I get to have amazing experiences like this one!





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