One of the current goals I am working on in June, is holding a plank every single day. It has been over two weeks and my average plank session is about four minutes, rotating between front and side holds. I am honestly fascinated by my progress. I really struggled to hold the first plank for one minute. Now one minute is no big deal and my core feels much stronger, and it’s just a little over two weeks later.

Yes that is sweat dripping off my nose... working hard!

Yes that is sweat dripping off my nose… working hard!

I found that there is actually a large plank movement, called the Plank A Day Revolution. Twitter is used as their platform and this is the first time I actually have the desire to get a twitter, just so I can enter my #plankaday. They actually have a @plankpolice that will send reminders when you miss a day. Those of you with twitter, I suggest you get on there!

I have also come across different ways to distract myself so to say, and hold a plank longer. Sometimes it is reading something on my phone or scrolling through Facebook. I am also capable of texting and planking and that is a good distraction too. I have found it is helpful to make Wes the one with the timer (he rarely joins me in my planking sessions), and not see the time, just get updates. We also get a little conversation going and that can distract me as well.

The other day I decided I would give myself a song challenge, meaning whatever song played next on my Pandora, I was in a plank for that long. It was JLo, so we rocked it out for over four minutes! I was motivated to conquer the song and I did!

That adds up to over 4 minutes with JLo blasting!

That adds up to over 4 minutes with JLo blasting!

This is a good bandwagon to jump on! There are twelve more days left in my challenge and I will be sure to update you all on my record. However, now that I am started, I don’t think twelve more days will lead to the end of anything! Remember you can do a plank anywhere and you don’t even need to have on workout clothing or shoes…. just get down and plank right now. (Mom, I mean you too! (and your shoulders hurt because they are weak!))


10 thoughts on “#PLANKADAY

  1. Come on, CW, you’re being a little rough on your mom – Kim isn’t getting any younger, you know … riiiiiiight, Kim? Hmmmmmmm? PLANK CHALLENGE! :-/

    • Tough love, that’s what it is, you should know coach! Trying to help her age with beauty and grace… And I called her out before she even made the excuse, and she made it anyways!

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