Starting Summer With Your Health In Mind

It’s not only the first day of summer, but also the longest day of the year and as a bonus, it is a Friday! Have no doubt that I will be on the beach tonight, catching the sun sinking into the Gulf… that is as long as this rain moves on!

Summer! Warm weather all around, not just here is Florida!

Summer! Warm weather all around, not just in Florida!

The arrival of summer got me thinking about foods and activities I relate with summer. Growing up I remember Sunday morning 8 mile bike rides at Miami Whitewater Park with my family. I think of picnics and parties celebrating accomplishments of family and friends, and the holidays. I think of long days at the Orchard Hill Swim Club, where we played for hours in the pool almost every day of the summer. I remember how special it was to move our family dinner outside on the deck and enjoy the meal experience.

Summer always brings a little nostalgia of childhood and this summer I hope to bring back a few of my favorite childhood experiences. For starters, I don’t really “play” anymore. I am at the pool and the beach plenty, but 90% of the time is spent lounging around working on my tan. Time to get back in the water and swim around, toss Frisbee at the beach, or kick around in the ocean. This summer I want to “play” again. Granted I run, I walk and go to my exercise classes, but I want to throw a little more fun back in.

My usual spot, anchored to the lounge and beach chairs.

My usual spot, anchored to the lounge and beach chairs.

I am not sure what the charm is of eating outside, but it definitely can make for an enjoyable experience. It is good for my mood and helps savor the day and the food, making us more mindful of what we eat. Now I only have one liani chair, but there are actually picnic tables right out front of my complex and many parks with covered eating areas to take advantage of. So here’s to going on picnics this summer and enjoying the company and surroundings.

I am starting off summer with one of my favorite foods, fruit salad! Although, first I have to swing by the farmer’s market tomorrow morning for my ingredients. Really nothing special here but slicing, peeling and dicing. I’ll be sure to share with you all my creation!

Wishing you all a fun and safe summer with plenty of play and picnics!


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