Mahi for One

Tonight I am sharing with you a simple and delicious creation… Mahi Mahi with Peach and Mango Chutney. Usually I end up cooking fish for one person, me. Mr. Picky himself is still being stubborn with the creatures of the sea. Lucky for me he had a work function tonight and I had great cooking vibes going as I bounced around the kitchen, making this dish up as I went along.

Mahi Mahi with Peach and Mango Chutney

This is the best fish I have ever made for myself!

This is the best fish I have ever made for myself!


Mahi Mahi fillet (thawed)

olive oil

1 small peach, diced

¼ cup mango, diced

1 lemon


Heat olive oil over medium heat and add Mahi fillet. Cook for 3 minutes and flip. Add diced peach and mango over top and surrounding the fish, squeeze half a lemon in the pan, then cover and cook for an additional 5-6 minutes. I did stir and rotate the fruit around the fish and on top during these last 5-6 minutes. Cook until no longer iridescent and the fish flakes easily with a fork.

One serving is about 200 calories with 25 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fat.

You can easily double or triple the chutney topping by increasing the amount of peach and mango…. hopefully you don’t have to eat your fish alone ;) Now, I was starving after a vigorous spinning class, but I couldn’t down this fish fast enough! I served it with a side of garlic seasoned basmati brown rice and broccoli, and squeezed the rest of the lemon over my entire plate. This is a great recipe for summer, especially with the first Georgia peaches popping up in stores!


6 thoughts on “Mahi for One

  1. Great recipe, thanks for sharing! I have the exact same problem with my partner! But this would work really well for me, as I could have a steak for him in a separate pan – I might even use the same flavourings!

  2. […] Dinner: Veggies and Quinoa (plus a handful of almonds during the prep). I arrived home a bit later than I planned, leaving me a little too hungry to wait for dinner so I munched on some almonds. I buy quinoa in bulk from the grocery and cook it myself. Tonight I added spinach, carrots, garlic, pine nuts and then stirred in a spoonful of hummus when I took it off the heat. I can only enjoy dinners like this one when Mr. Picky isn’t around… He honestly still wouldn’t touch it and rather than that happen and hurt my feelings, I wait for opportunities when he isn’t around (just like the fish)! […]

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