The Most Recent Adventure of Carrie and Wes

Boot camp. $35 for 10 sessions on Groupon… I couldn’t pass it up! Since it has been so hot, and I have been running so slow, I figured it would be a great way to mix up our activity. Our coach calls himself “Sarge”, has a military background, and pushes us the entire time.

Evidence of tonight's sweat session!

Evidence of tonight’s sweat session!

In the first session, it started raining about two minutes into the warm-up and pouring soon after. Sarge doesn’t stop for anything… except lightening, in which case we all crowd inside to a tiny studio. He says not to worry, he can give us just as good of a workout in there… but I don’t want to find out. I like the theory that your workout doesn’t end because of a little rain. If I was running on my own, I would head for home or already be home due to the apparent risk.

We get really dirty and really sweaty. Luckily, boot camp requires gloves or our hands would be all torn up. Towels are stowed in the car for afterwards, required whether it rained that day, or not. I am doing exercises I never do on my own or in the gym. We are pushed to complete more reps for longer times than anyone in their right frame of mind would be able to do on their own, because it hurts!

Yet again today, afternoon thunderstorms pounded Naples. We warmed up in the tiny studio, but headed out into the rain for the rest of our workout. We used five to ten pound weights with chairs and ten gallon buckets and did moves combining squats, arm movements such as curls, and jumps. Tonight was our third session and we are getting a hang of things and honestly looking forward the rest of our classes.

Sarge always ends boot camps with what he calls daily affirmations. Tonight’s went something like this, “Love yourself and Love your environment. Every day you should look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love you, this will also bring love to everything you do as well as to your environment.”


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