A Mid-Year Assessment

Today I want to take a little time to review how far Carried Away About Nutrition has come in just 6 months! Thank you to all my readers and followers, I absolutely love blogging for you!


The mid-year assessment:


26.4 – pounds lost!! (Wes + Carrie)

481.1 – miles ran

7 – and counting new favorite crockpot recipes

2 – crockpot recipe fails

4:00 – minute plank record

50 – blog posts

136 – blog followers

238 – facebook friends

2203 – WordPress views

1958 – Website views


Blogging has been such a rewarding learning experience so far. Through writing and posting I am truly “practicing what I preach”. I am staying committed to my goals and to routine healthy behaviors and the proof is in the numbers!

The second half of the year looks to be just as promising! I am constantly soaking up as much nutrition and health information as I can to share with my readers. In August, I start an online graduate program to get my Masters in Nutrition and Wellness. I hope to bring you more healthy recipes to love and more motivation to care for your health.

If you have enjoyed reading, please share my blog with family and friends. Recommend CarrieRD as a friend to others on Facebook (you can do this by going to their page, clicking on “Friend” in their cover photo, and selecting “suggest friends”, then choose “CarrieRD”). You can also email blog posts to friends or family as well.

I love to hear from readers and friends! Please continue to share with me your feedback on the recipes, and feel free to leave notes on my Facebook page as well. Thank you all!


What are your thoughts?

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