My July Goals with the Carried Away About Nutrition Buddy Program!

As always, the beginning of the month brings fresh goals! Through the C.A.A.N. Buddy Program I now have a new buddy to work with for the month. My first month of buddies was full of picture texts and positive encouragement from my buddy. I never once questioned my commitment to my goals, because I was committed to my buddy as well.

For a recap of June – I did a plank every day for one month. This went really well, there were a couple of near misses… like the plank I did in a dress before going out…and the time I turned out the lights remembering as I put my head to the pillow, climbed out of bed and onto the floor for that late night plank. My record still remains about 4 minutes, an upper limit I hope to surpass. To be honest, I haven’t planked yet in July, but I will get back to the mat after a couple days off. I also had a goal to stop grazing at night and stick with a 100 calorie frozen treat. I stuck with this goal as well, expect became a little lax on the weekends when I was out of my routine. I am now way less inclined to grab a snack on the way to the couch at night or to scrounge through the pantry at night. All in all, it was a successful month for June buddies!

Now onward with my goals for July. My food related goal is to track my food intake on My Fitness Pal. I have been absent for a good month and I really believe in the power of awareness. So my food has been logged for the day and I have an alarm set to notify me by 10:30am if I haven’t logged my breakfast. My fitness goal is to start doing yoga one time per week. I do a lot of cardio and lifting but never make time to stretch.  I have a yoga dvd and I am going to check out some free videos online and get the yoga flow going!

You can find me on My Fitness Pal! User name: wissemcm

You can find me on My Fitness Pal! User name: wissemcm

If you are interested in the C.A.A.N Buddy Program find more information and sign up here! It is a monthly program and I would love for you all to join us next month in August!


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