July Goal Check-In

I am working each mouth with a buddy from my own Carried Away About Nutrition Buddy Program on a couple goals to keep my health in focus. This month I have a goal to record my food in My Fitness Pal and to practice yoga one time a week (check out the full post here). My buddy and I have been texting and sending picture messages back and forth, to aid in what you would call compliance :) I love having a buddy to talk healthy with and it inspires me to continue what I do.

Share with your family and friends!

Share with your family and friends!

So far this month I have had two yoga sessions, one on the Fourth of July, and one this past Saturday. I do love to do yoga when I make the time for it, but this Saturday things did not end well. Let’s just keep it at I am injury prone, and threw out my back. I was pretty miserable until I made it to the chiropractor Monday and my L4 and L5 are still not very happy. So I am on a ice and anti-inflammatory routine, and finally starting to come out of the woods… If I am going to do more yoga this month, I may have to stick with something like the tree pose. Unfortunately, injuries and setbacks are a part of life. I am finally learning to listen to my body, not that I like it, and take care of it with rest when necessary.

I have an 11 day log in streak going on My Fitness Pal! I get an alert on my phone at 10:30 if I haven’t logged breakfast and this really seems to help, especially on those really busy days. Recently, I have been cooking from scratch and making meals up as I go and that is a big hindrance when I am trying to get an accurate intake. Tracking has been really helpful the last few days since I am hurt and not as active as normal. I am able to keep myself in check!

Complete for the day!

Complete for the day!

If you would like more information on the Carried Away About Nutrition Buddy Program, please see the details and signup at my website! http://www.carriedawayaboutnutrition.com/Buddy_Program.html


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