Wes Abandoned in the Kitchen…

Tonight, I basically left Wes stranded in the kitchen. I had a 7pm webinar to attend, and we rolled in around 6:30 after I put some time in on the elliptical at the gym and Wes had ran a few miles outside in this humid jungle that we call home. So even though I hurried and followed orders to rinse the beans, dice the tomatoes, and chop the cilantro, I quickly abandoned him to log in online. During my webinar I was served Steak with Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Feta from Real Simple. As I mentioned yesterday, I am not a huge fan of red meat or steak, but I actually ate about 2oz of meat tonight, it was pretty good! The real star of this meal (if you ask me) was the chickpeas with tomatoes and feta side. I love chickpeas and never get sick of them. This side was awesome! Simple, but awesome.

Which one did Wes make? ;)

Which one did Wes make? ;)

It was also pretty awesome that since I was tied to my computer, Wes also took care of clean up! I think he did a great job with this one, although he did declare a couple time that he wasn’t sure is the steak was cooked enough. He also let me in on a secret that he jazzed up the chickpea side by adding onion powder on a whim… claiming his culinary right to experiment. Nutritionally, this meal is higher in fat due to the red meat. It is nicely paired with a low fat and high fiber side, lending some redeeming value. If I had time I likely would have added a small spinach salad to my plate, and if I was the head chef I would have sauteed some with the beans. I will definitely be pulling out this side to make again soon.


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