What I’m Eating Wednesay! Recap: July 24, 2013

I started the day off with a smoothie that I dubbed “berry good for me”. I usually always have a bag of frozen berries in the freezer for blending purposes. I also always try to throw in some greens, like spinach. Smoothies are a great way to get nutrients first thing in the morning, rather than chowing down on sugar laden carbs.

Smoothie creations are limitless!

Smoothie creations are limitless!

All blended up and ready to go!

All blended up and ready to go!

Lunch was a real winner today. I am very fortunate to work at a place that has a very skilled and professional chef behind the counter. Today I had a spinach salad with grilled chicken, topped with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and baby carrots, then accented with slivered almonds and sunflower seeds. Mmmmmmm. The best part is that he makes homemade hummus! I know I have already declared my love for chickpeas, but this is one of my favorite ways to eat them. I used the scoop of hummus as my dressing since there were already many flavors going on. A salad like this really brings my energy up, rather than wishing for a pillow after lunch.

Beautiful! Restaurant quality!

Beautiful! Restaurant quality!

My afternoon snack was an organic pink lady apple (one of my favorite varieties) with natural sunbutter. Sunbutter is made from sunflower seeds! I love trying different nut butters and venturing away from the typical peanut butter. Sunbutter is not as thick as natural peanut butter or almond butter, so it can get messy!

Perfectly paired to carry me through the afternoon!

Perfectly paired to carry me through the afternoon!

Tonight’s dinner is my current favorite of the meals Wes planned for this week, but that could change by Sunday. I also realized that I still have to touch the raw chicken this week as his sous chef, he always puts that on my list. We had Chicken Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa from My Recipes. As I was chopping up ingredients for the salsa I had asked him if the lime was for this recipe, and he assured me that he was 99% sure it was not in this one. Of course I asked him to check and I guess he never did. So needless to say we made our salsa without the lime juice and it was still fabulous! We also left out the jalapenos because I don’t like very spicy things. We used the brown rice tortillas the recipe called for, keeping the meal gluten free. This is the first time I had these and they were a bit difficult and ended up breaking and cracking. However, I am just now seeing in the recipe that they are supposed to be heated or steamed, Wes left out this step as well! Also in typical fashion, Wes ended up picking over half his topping off the taco and just eating the chicken and the wrap. He said too many vegetables, and I kept repeating that they were actually all fruits! I swear it’s one step forward two steps back!

This dinner is stellar! Try this recipe out!

This dinner is stellar! Try this recipe out!

I have many ideas for this salsa... salad topping, fish topping...

I have many ideas for this salsa… salad topping, fish topping…

Tonight’s little treat was a So Delicious Fudge Bar, 80 calories of dairy and soy free ice cream. I have been trying to avoid dairy and have felt so much better, but I really miss ice cream. Having a portioned controlled treat like this one is the best option for me because there seems to be no limit between me and a tub of ice cream…

I have a killer sweet tooth...

I have a killer sweet tooth…

I would also like to mention my drink of choice today, water! It is hot and humid in Southwest Florida and I have been chugging my water. Stay hydrated folks!


3 thoughts on “What I’m Eating Wednesay! Recap: July 24, 2013

  1. Nice! What all was in that wholefood smoothie? I see spinach and blueberries, but maybe almond/coconut milk? Looks good!

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