Guys Pick Out Manly Food

Tonight I definitely overstepped my boundaries. Preparing dinner sort of returned to the normal and natural rhythm as I took most of the lead. Whereas Wes picked this one out and got the ingredients in the house, I took liberties in commanding in the kitchen. It’s Thursday, almost the end of the work week, and no one wanted to wait around for dinner. Hopefully I can back off the next couple of nights and let Wes fulfill his challenge this week.

You can't really mess up a meatloaf!

You can’t really mess up a meatloaf!

Tonight we had Old Fashioned All American Meatloaf from My Recipes. This was a gluten free version, using gluten free bread ground in a blender as the bread crumbs. We also did “rehab” this one a bit and agreed to use the ground turkey we buy in bulk from Costco instead of the extra-lean ground beef this recipe calls for. We already have had our one serving of red meat this week on Tuesday night, so this was a valid swap. All in all, this was a yummy meatloaf and pretty much summed up by the title: Old Fashioned and All American – a traditional meatloaf.

Use foil for easy clean up!

Use foil for easy clean up!

On a side note, I ran this morning for the first time since my back injury. Boy, am I in pain now! Even though it was only a 30 minute run, looks like I am going to have to listen to my body and stick with low impact activity for a bit longer. Here is to another night of ibuprofen, ice, and biofreeze!


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