One Week Until Vacation!

I am excited that in one week Wes and I will be off on what we dubbed “Super Trip”, spending a week in Cincinnati with my family and a week in Wisconsin with his. This trip will be a nice break but still full of hustle and bustle as we make the rounds with family and friends. Another thing we have been dreaming of is all the foods we are going to be eating in our home towns. Wes has already experienced some Cincinnati classics like Skyline, LaRosa’s and Graeter’s, and all that means is that I he wouldn’t let me deprive him of those experiences this time around (to get a better idea of the Cincinnati classics read here: Supposedly, I am going to be eating fried cheese curds and a butter burger (yes, they put butter on a burger) in Wisconsin.

Cincinnati here we come!!

Cincinnati here we come!!

We are not used to eating these types of foods, or eating out as frequently as we will be so I came up with a little game or contest we are going to play. Friday morning prior to leaving for the airport we are going to weigh in. Monday morning after we return we are going to weigh out. The objective of this contest is to maintain our weight within two pounds of our starting weight. If we lose a couple pounds that is fine too.

If I beat the challenge I get to buy myself a new pair of wedges :) I have wanted another pair for a long time, so this is the perfect opportunity to “earn” them.

I might as well start picking them out now! Determined!!

I might as well start picking them out now! Determined!!

If Wes beats the challenge, we are going to go to see a movie. You may think this is not a big deal, but it’s not something we do often and I really hate going to the movies. So he is very motivated to “earn” this reward since he is not sure when his next opportunity will ever be!

With the Super Trip Contest proposed here are some of the tactics we have brainstormed to lead us to success:

  • Keep our exercise routine going

  • Do not overeat when eating out

  • Split a Graeter’s Ice cream

  • Eat healthy meals when we are not treating ourselves to a local favorite

  • Make the time about family not food

  • Do not binge on alcohol

  • Not order one of everything at Skyline

  • Maintain as normal as possible sleep schedule

  • Explore on foot as much as possible

  • Don’t eat butter on a burger! (not sure if Wes will let me skip this one, but seriously… why?!)

  • relax and enjoy

  • Drink plenty of water every day

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