What I’m Eating Wednesday! Recap: August 28, 2013

Hello! I am here to take you through my diet today. This morning I got started with a two mile walk and an ab workout to energize me for the day. For breakfast I concocted a quick oatmeal using gluten free oats, fresh blueberries, slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and ground flax seed. This combination provides such a powerhouse of nutrients like:

  • soluble fiber in oats (which can help lower cholesterol)

  • Vitamin E in sunflower seeds (which functions as an antioxidant)

  • Vitamin C in blueberries (supports the immune system)

  • monounsaturated fat content of almonds (a healthy fat that also helps you feel full longer)

No sugar added! Still delicious!

No sugar added! Still delicious!

Oatmeal has always been one of my favorite breakfast items. These days I prefer to make it from scratch (still in the microwave) and avoid the packets where manufacturers add additional sugar and sodium to the product. I prefer to be in control of the nutritional values of my oatmeal.

May have been a bit warm today for a hot lunch like this, but I didn't care!

May have been a bit warm today for a hot lunch like this, but I didn’t care!

For lunch I brought zesty chicken soup to work. I made a batch of this soup for dinner last night as part of simplifying my life for grad school. This recipe is originally from Taste of Home and my family has probably been eating this soup for over ten years now, it is one of our favorites. This is also a recipe that I really haven’t tweaked too much. We only have adjusted the seasonings to taste here or there (we leave out the green chiles because my family is not a fan of spicy) and sometimes I throw in more carrots and zucchini as well. I topped it off with diced avocado today and had some corn chips on the side. I highly recommend this recipe, it is not too tricky, feeds a crowd or freezes well for quick convenient meals.

Second serving of fruit for the day!

Second serving of fruit for the day!

Snack time! Peaches are so delicious! This is my favorite summer fruit this year and I am enjoying the sweet low calorie treat. I will be sad when they disappear from the store. Get my tips on peaches here.

Sampler Platter!

Sampler Platter!

Where did the lava cake go??

Where did the lava cake go??

Tonight I had plans with a coworker and friends to do go to a girls night out, a wine and canvas event. There are instructors that guide you through beginning to the end of a piece of art. Now, I opted out of the wine since it was a work night and I had over a 40 minute drive home and just ended up splitting some appetizers and a lava cake with a friend. If you ever have the opportunity to attend such a painting event, I highly recommend it! The evening was fun and relaxed and I really enjoyed painting. I am content with my dinner choice since I could have drank and ate a lot more.

Our masterpieces! Such a fun night!

Our masterpieces! Such a fun night!

I just arrived home a few minutes ago and snacked on some deli meat since my dinner was lacking in protein. Signing off now to get to bed at a decent time to be up early for tomorrow mornings run! Have a good night everyone!


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