What I’m Eating Wednesday! Recap: September 18, 2013

Hello everybody! Going to bed last night, I was already looking forward to breakfast. Yesterday, I knocked out a hard workout in the evening and was almost hungry by the time my head hit the pillow. After a 2 mile morning walk, I was looking for a satisfying yet tasty meal. That’s what led me to my gluten free frozen waffles and chocolate hazelnut butter combination. I topped it off with some crunchy slivered almonds and sesame seeds. You may say it was more of a treat than breakfast food, but the nut butter contains protein and healthy fats, paired with the whole grains of the waffles which kept me satisfied all the way up until lunch.

Nice for a treat!

Nice for a treat!

For lunch today I had a protein shake. Not as exciting as breakfast, but when you indulge a little, you have to balance it out. I mix a plant based protein powder with chocolate almond milk and add ice. I like shakes like these real cold (it makes the texture more tolerable to me). I also munched on some carrots with hummus.

Healthy lunch... check!

Healthy lunch… check!

Usually pizza night is Friday night around here, but we swapped that around because tomorrow night we are putting in a long run (instead of Saturday morning). I also made ground flaxseed baked Italian chicken bites, so we wouldn’t just fill up on carbohydrates. Pizza night naturally comes before long run days because of the high amount of carbs. I don’t add cheese to my side of the pizza anymore because it tends to bug my system. Wes obviously loves his cheese and pepperoni.

Chicken bites for two!

Chicken bites for two!

Carb load!

Carb load!

Wish me luck, 10 miles tomorrow…. the half marathon training is picking up! Trying to keep the diet in tip top shape as well! Have a great night everyone!


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