A Word from the Fiance…

First things first… Though Carrie seems to think that salads will someday become a regular part of my diet, she is sorely mistaken. In my mind, salads are nothing more than assorted vegetables served atop leaves. If you’ve ever contemplated swapping your romaine for some nice maple leaves, you probably know where I’m coming from here. Gross. My fiancé can sometimes get a bit carried away about nutrition, and I suspect this is where her salad delusions come from.



Salad anyone?

As Carrie referenced in her last post, I am very lucky to have had the nutritional intervention that I did. Many people my age eat similar diets to what I previously was eating, and most of them will only realize the folly of their poor nutritional choices once the adverse health effects from those choices begin to pile up. Thank you Carrie for being my personal dietitian, and for helping me reform my eating habits and attain a health life!

Right now, Carrie and I are training for what amounts to a marathon. In reality, it’s really just two half marathons – if you can ever apply the word JUST so casually when referring to the subject – spaced several months apart. The first is in the town of Fort Myers Beach, which as the name suggests, is very near a long sandy beach and the Gulf of Mexico. While you may think that such a place would be an idyllic place to run a half marathon, think again. The big challenge on race day is going to be the out and back format of the course, and the massively steep bridge that stands at the beginning and end. The second race is far more flat, and takes place in the downtown area of Naples. Last year, the course was rated the number one spot in the country for half marathons. Hopefully, the Fort Myers event will prepare us to do even better in the flat and shaded Naples half.

1/2 Marathon, with gigantic hill included.

While my name has changed from skinny fat boyfriend to fit fiancé, the need to keep healthy eating a central component of my life has not. I’m lucky that I have Carrie to reign me in when I have the compulsion to eat an entire sleeve of Oreos (a feat that has technically been impossible since early 2013 since her keen eye won’t let them into our grocery cart, let alone the pantry).

That’s all I have for now. Perhaps next time I’m writing on here I will have a new name… Something like super awesome best-in-the-world- husband. Who knows!?!


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