AWOL for Career Change!

So I have been awol…. that is absent without official leave, which definitely applies here. Where have I been? What have I been doing? What is going on? Did I decide to drop my health and nutrition rants and jump on the McDonald’s bandwagon? NO! I am excited to share that I have changed positions and have started my dream position as an outpatient weight management dietitian. As I am training, I know I have found a position that fits me perfectly because of my uncontainable excitement and the true passion I feel to problem solve and help these people. It fits perfectly, like a glove. These moments feel like I have started the rest of my (career) life and I will be living it with a passion, with happiness, and direction.

True! True! True! Don’t sweat the small stuff, it will take care of itself.

That being said, my life is going through a big change and a big transition. Change can bring stress but change is also good, and brings opportunity with it. So I have officially shoved stress out the back door and have welcomed change. Going into my first week, I still kept my personal nutrition and fitness in mind. Sunday, (prior to my first day of training) I prepared two meals in the crock pot. Yeah, that is right I haven’t had to cook all week, but I am still eating delicious and healthy meals. I also realized I have less time for exercise (until I settle into my new routine) so I have created the opportunity for small doses of fitness. There is so much to be said for being prepared and having a plan. This has saved me time and worry all week.

I wrote myself a little love note...

I wrote myself a little love note…

This weekend is the Ft. Myers ½ Marathon which Wes and I will be running. Did I also mention he got his wisdom teeth pulled last week? Yeah, like I said, so much has been going on! He is also milking it as a good excuse for pudding, ice cream and his all time favorite – cold spaghetti-o’s… yuck! We are viewing this half marathon as a warm up to the Naples half marathon in January. This is partially due to the giant bridge we have to run over twice (and there are no other hills in Southwest Florida) and also due the disruptions is our training schedule. However, I love being out there with thousands of others, at the crack of dawn, all striving for a common goal – there is nothing else like it!

So stay tuned for all the craziness :) there is never a dull moment around here!


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