The V word

I am going what?!

Yes here it goes, I am trying something new! I am adopting a vegan diet for the month of January. This has not been a rash overnight decision. I have been exploring my diet and food and really listening to my body and they way I feel based on how I am fueled. When I think about my personal beliefs about food and the country’s food supply, I am upset and turned off by most meat products. I want to know the who, what, when and where of the chickens’ life. I have found that dairy seems to be a source of migraines for me as well. So I may sound like a tree hugging hippy, but I don’t care!

Research! Great read and lots of useful information.

Research! Great read and lots of useful information.

I also reached out to my readers for input and I was surprised how many of you stated interest in vegetarianism, veganism, and vegetables in general! What better way for me to bring you more vegetables than to make them the center of my diet. I hope to explore many plant based topics this coming month including GMOs and organics, along with quick recipes and meals.

As I have being exploring the vegan idea, I have browsed many websites. I was disappointed in the frequency of posts about vegan pizza and vegan desserts. I am not adopting a “junk” vegan diet. I will base my meals around vegetables, grains and healthy fats. I am actually super excited about this… I am dreaming about yummy portabellas, squash and avocados!

There is no better time then now, during Florida’s growing season. Yes, this may seem a bit odd to you Northerners but nothing can grow in the summer A) because the sun is scorching! and B) the sky pours buckets everyday at 5pm which would flood any crop. Wes and I also are part of a local CSA (community supported agriculture) that grows organics. We have found the CSA to be a huge cost savings when it comes to produce. It is also a plus that it has pushed us to try new things and the produce has way more flavor!

To give you a taste, tonight I had a mushroom, grape tomato, kale and chickpea combo that I basically winged. I loved every bite. Food is my playground and this is just another way for me to have a ball!


12 thoughts on “The V word

  1. I think this is great!! You will find your creativity will grow bigger then ever when it comes to fresh vegetables, finding new and fun ways to prepare things you never thought could taste so good.Good luck!! What a great way to start 2014..

    • Thanks John! That is kinda what happened tonight when I thought “what am I going to do with these mushroom?” And Suddenly there was kale and chickpeas involved! Looking forward to an awesome 2013!

  2. Good luck! Such a great goal and overall life decision. I eat about 90% vegan and have many recipes on my blog if you need some inspiration.

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