My vegan, gluten free breakfast

Needless to say, I do not have a ton of extra time in the morning to concoct some crazy dish for breakfast. Eating vegan and gluten free are both very limiting factors, but I have found a reliable option that is very satisfying and portable (although my definition of portable may be a little sticky).

My breakfast is simply made with two ingredients. Rice cakes and Peanut butter. I use two rice cakes, sandwich them together and wrap them in a paper towel or stick them open faced in a plastic container. Of the carrying options, I prefer using the plastic container because when I tote them together as a sandwich and want to separate them to eat, all the peanut butter usually sticks to one rice cake:/ Another tip – have something to drink available in the car. Peanut butter makes you very thirsty! And rice cakes are not very moist if you haven’t noticed (I really do love them though).

Something to look forward to in the morning!

Something to look forward to in the morning!

My current favorite peanut butter: Smart Balance, Natural & Chunky. Refrigeration is not required and it does not separate as much as those other natural peanut butter that need lots of stirring. Therefore, it is quick and an almost mess free option for those early hours… that’s not to say I don’t find peanut butter on my counter when I get home from work.

I have also found that the Quaker rice cakes (of course the plain ones) are generally a better quality than the store brand (Publix at least). They are a bit thicker and crunchier, also less brittle when I am spreading them with peanut butter. When you eat two rice cakes a day, you really start to care about the quality… it’s the little things in life.

Packed up and ready to go!

Packed up and ready to go!

I have also used cashew butter, almond butter and sunbutter as the spread. Any of the nut-butters would do. Although I do warn, the thinner the spread the messier it becomes to eat in the car. Yes, I have dripped almond butter on my skirt at 6:15 in the morning… not the best way to start the day. I also recommend stocking up on a few napkins or paper towels in the car… I have used up all the thick shop paper towels my dad gave me… meant for checking your oil of course, but they have found a higher calling of cleaning my sticky fingers and wiping peanut butter from the steering wheel (who checks their oil anyways???).

Anyways, this is so satisfying and brings back the nostalgia of childhood lunches. And before anyone asks, who needs jelly? I have never liked jelly and have always been partial to the peanut butter sandwich without the “j”. I also can’t imagine the mess jelly would bring along. So let’s all just agree that peanut butter is breaking up with jelly and all of it’s drama, and not even attempt to add jelly to a morning rice cake breakfast on the go.



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