It’s not you, it’s me… sorry running, we are taking a break

About a week ago I ran for the last time… for the next six months at least. Wes and I ran the Naples Half Marathon together. He scored a PR (personal record) and I had the pleasure of running with him. It was a chilly morning here (in the 40s) which is actually really nice running weather. We enjoyed the beautiful morning and the crowd and kept each other going.

After the race, all smiles after all those miles!

After the race, all smiles after all those miles!

Anyone who has been around me, knows that I am a runner. So it has been very difficult for me to decide it is time for a break. Unfortunately, I have a hereditary case of scoliosis which leads to a twisted pelvis and uneven legs (thanks mom). After days, months and years of running and training the constant pounding has taken its toll. Two weeks prior to the half marathon I had an epiphany that running, this powerful form of exercise, is actually hurting me more than it is helping me. After long runs I have been getting more than the normal aches and pains of running, and the pain has crept into my runs as well.

So I am more than just a runner, and for the next six months I will not run. My new motto is to be active and do anything but run. I already miss it a bit and I have watched jealously as runners have gone by. There are many other areas to work on though specifically strength and flexibility. When it comes to exercise it needs to be fun, something you enjoy. It shouldn’t break the body down, but build it up.

I am very proud of my 10 half marathons. Number ten was also extra special running with my fiancĂ©.Don’t worry, I will make a running comeback and hopefully get in ten more :)



7 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me… sorry running, we are taking a break

    • Thank you! I love running and all my running buddies, but I think taking some time off will keep me going in the long run. I am excited to check your blog out as well!

  1. Carrie, I can relate! I know that I am not as skilled or as frequent a runner as you are, but I have come to rely on it as my favorite form of exercise (and weight management) and love participating in races around Cincinnati. Right now I am banned from running, due to some pre-arthritis in my knee. Total bummer since I was hoping to “run” (slow jog, at least!) the Full Pig this May. I’m in physical therapy, though, and trying to make the most of everything. I’m still training for the marathon, just in a walking group for now, and have enjoyed doing pilates and swimming too. It’s not the same, but, like you said, it’s better in the long run. Please blog about what exercise you enjoy in your non-running months!

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