Keep an Open Mind

The nutrition field is becoming quite controversial. While I love my Alma mater (go bearcats!) and stayed on top of my classes, I have learned over double since I have started my career and started practicing as a Registered Dietitian. I have had the chance to explore different topics, follow the latest research and “dabble” in the field.

A friend from back home, and current dietetic intern, asked me recently about the gluten debacle. This intern is still in classes and lectures, where they teach that a gluten free diet is only recommended for those with Celiac’s disease. The intern is aware of the noise on the other side (she reads this blog :) that gluten sensitivities exist and can be associated with anything from chronic fatigue, to stomach issues and skin conditions. So who do you listen to? Can the professors all be wrong? Or is this just a fad?

My advice, keep an open mind. Read. Watch. Listen. Read. Stay up to date and take a whole hearted interest in the field of nutrition. When it comes to the case of gluten, a few years ago as a student I would have dismissed it since that is what was taught. However, I have grown ten-fold as professional and I am not afraid to change my mind or try something new. Gluten and I are not friends and I will not be including it in my diet.

I never want to impose my own dietary choices on others, but I do want to share my experience and resources (like recipes) for those who are interested. We are all on our own journey with food, on different paths, climbing different mountains and have different experiences. Taking an interest in nutrition is a great place to start for improving your health.

So interns, readers, family and friends, keep an open mind. What we know about nutrition is still very minimal and subject to change. Pay attention and listen to your own body. Interns, your real growth comes after your graduate… when you start to practice and when you have time to investigate your own interests.


2 thoughts on “Keep an Open Mind

  1. Thank you for posting this – I agree so much! I’ve been practicing 2 years now and also keep up with research and trends. The more I practice, the more I see individuals that fall outside the “norms” that population research give us.

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