Life After Running…

If I am not spending all that time running these days, what am I doing? The Naples Half Marathon was exactly a month ago, and I am finally getting into my new fitness routine. I am now investing the time and energy into rehabbing my hip and lower back to be able to run pain free later this year.

My love affair with running continues…

Wes and I are lifting

We joined a local gym with a low membership fee to use the weights and do resistance training. There are 8 main exercises we are concentrating on and we go about 3 days per week. We are doing 4 exercises per session, with a warm up of 5-10 minutes of cardio and top off the session with abdominal work. The exercises we do are squats, bench press, rows, dead lifts, pull ups and shoulder press. My goal with strength training is to balance out any weaknesses in my body from mainly just running over the past years.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

You can start with a free trial!

I am starting a home yoga practice through a free month trial on yogavibes. So far I absolutely love it! The website has a convenient class sorter, where I can choose length, level and intensity, and body part to focus on for the session. I also have a groupon for 10 pilates classes I plan to start in a week or two. Stretching was often nixed from my routine as a runner, so I am making up for lost times! I also highly recommend giving yogavibes a try!

Left Right Left Right

I am walking more throughout the day! I am walking for about 15 minutes with coworkers after lunch and sneak in walks in the evening as well. If I am talking to a friend on the phone, you better believe I am walking around the block. I love to walk especially if it can get me outside :)

Having Fun!

I have been on my roller blades a couple times to enjoy the warm weather. Wes and I have taken his parent’s bikes for a spin around the neighborhood as well. We also went camping down in the Florida Keys where we did a 4 mile bridge/pier hike spotting a few beautiful sting rays and even a shark! We are having fun with different activities, not too mention the physical labor of moving and packing boxes (that is just not quite as exciting). Since running took up all of our Saturday mornings we also have spent time volunteering – at a 5k and with Habitat for Humanity (It’s not like we are sleeping in or anything!)

We have a different meaning of "hiking" down here, but what a beautiful ecosystem to explore!

We have a different meaning of “hiking” down here, but what a beautiful ecosystem to explore!

I find myself jogging to the car, just to steal a few moments of running. I am very also envious of the runners in the neighborhood and on the streets, you may call me a little strange. However, I know there are still many more activities to do and enjoy! I also take pride in gaining flexibility and strength… I be back soon enough, running along.


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