(Insert Joke About Vegans Here)

To begin, this post is coming to you complements of myself, Wes. As a preface to the rest of this post, I am DEFINITELY not going entirely vegan – ever. I enjoy the delicious flavor of beef, pork, and chicken far too much to give them up. I mean, come on, who in their right mind would turn down a bacon cheeseburger? Oh yeah… My fiancé, that’s who.

So, now for the meat of this post.

Tonight, after eating a dinner consisting of roasted garlic and white bean soup with tofu chunks and crushed potato chips on top for a bit of crunch, I realized that I had just eaten my first vegan meal. Now, you might be thinking that I’ve probably technically eaten many vegan meals in my 26 years, albeit by accident, and in that sense you would be correct. The difference tonight is that this was the first time that I actually knew what veganism is, and recognized that my meal qualified.

After my realization, I immediately had two thoughts.

First, was that vegans can actually eat real food that tastes good. Though I guess I already knew this, I’ve always imagined that vegans eat some mysterious combination of undesirable foods. I definitely did not identify vegan eating as something that could be enjoyable, and always assumed that even vegans thought their food was gross. That they only ate that way for the health benefits or something. Following tonight’s meal, I’m come to the realization that vegan meals can taste good, and that anyone can find meals and recipes that work for their taste.

My second thought was that becoming a vegan does not have to be an all or nothing endeavor. Whether you decide to incorporate vegan meals into your daily, weekly, or even monthly routine, there are plenty of reasons to give them a try. Maybe you feel that the cute cuddly cows and adorable pigs deserve a better life than one that exists solely to provide the tasty bacon cheeseburger I mentioned above. Perhaps you care less about how the cows feel about being raised for the purposes of making burgers, and your main concern is the quality of your food and reducing our dependence on industrial methods of livestock production. Or, maybe you are convinced that you can save some money by purchasing less animal protein, which is typically one of the most expensive categories on in your grocery budget, and possibly even enjoy a health benefit or two while you’re at it. The point is that there are tons of reasons to give veganism a try, even if it’s not going to become your permanent lifestyle.

I’m sure Carrie will be sharing tonight’s dinner recipe shortly, and I encourage each of you to give it a try.


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