Two Hundred and Fourteen

Two hundred and fourteen.

Wes‘ total cholesterol.

Before I go crazy dietitian on him we have decided to get a full lipid panel done so we can see the breakdown of LDL and HDL. Ultimately, he maintained the decrease in total cholesterol that he achieved last spring by changing the foundation of his diet and finding his own appreciation of physical activity. The desirable level for total cholesterol is less than 200. His total cholesterol dropped from 264 last spring and we are happy that he maintained this decrease.

Current guidelines state that total cholesterol should be lower than 200.

What I want to reiterate in this post is that it is so important to know your numbers! This past year I encouraged both of my parents to get a routine physical with lab work. Wouldn’t you know the doctors discovered my mom has Celiac’s disease and my dad also needs to bring his cholesterol down. Therefore ignorance is not bliss, it is kind of stupid. Take command of your health and your future by getting acquainted with your insides.

We will keep you all updated on the results of Wes’ full lipid panel and the steps to take from there. Ultimately, I am just crafting myself a fiancé who is the ultimate picture of health! I wouldn’t be sad if he was in the best state of health ever when I walked down the aisle… I want to keep him around for awhile!

Know your numbers! It is one of the MOST important thing you can do for your health!


What are your thoughts?

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