Take this one step for a healthier lunch

I have a healthy lunch challenge for you that does not even involve food! Well, okay you will still be eating food but the I am not here today to tell you what to eat. Actually, I really want you to focus on that food… And only the food. By now you may know what direction I am headed… Give lunch some respect!

Our society is always plugged in which got me thinking how is eating in front of the computer screen or phone screen different than the television screen? Let’s step away from all the work and put the cell phones and tablets down. Just try to ONLY eat. It is a bigger challenge than you think. Today at lunch I caught myself picking up my phone to log my lunch into myfitnesspal… But even that can wait. Experience and taste your lunch. Reboot and refuel for the second half of the day. Here are some tips for a successful lunch:

Put yourself in a new setting. Step away from your desk and maybe even the entire office. Go outside and find a bench or a quiet place to eat. As you walk away from your desk….

Leave your phone behind. That’s right, unplug yourself from email and social media during lunch. Enjoy your lunch and possibly the coworkers you eat with.

Have a mindful lunch. Slow down the rate of eating and chew each bite thoroughly. Savor and enjoy.

Ultimately technology is taking over our every day living. If there is a TV on for any meal turn it off. Have a no cell phone rule at the table. We need to eat mindful instead of like robots, who are slaves to our screens. Now that you have read this post, get away from the screen and good luck with the challenge :)


What are your thoughts?

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