Yoga for weight loss

Better start reaching for those toes! New research has demonstrated that yoga may be a safe, low cost and effective way to shed some pounds.1 While yoga is a common and established tool used for health and preventative care in other countries like India, it is not the first thing that comes to mind in the U.S. in the midst of fad diets and diet pills. A long term commitment to a yoga practice can lead to weight loss greater than 5% of body weight in three months, with the added benefit of improving mood and self confidence.2 Weight loss is not the only benefit of yoga either, study participants also decrease markers of inflammation for a total reduction in disease risk.3

What better place to practice yoga than on the beach at sunset?!

What better place to practice yoga than on the beach at sunset?!

What is Yoga?

Yoga dates back over 5,000 years and the actual word means “to join or yoke together” as in a meeting of the mind and body.4 There are over 100 different methods or schools of yoga, which are passed down from teacher to student over the centuries. Yoga combines a series of postures, stretches and movements with rhythmic breathing. There is a heavy emphasis on relaxation and meditating during each session as well. Yoga can be a form of aerobic activity, getting the heart pumping to improve cardiac function through decrease in resting blood pressure.3 There is a common misconception that yoga requires flexibility, however yoga is modified to all levels of practice and is very accessible to individual state of fitness or flexibility. So do not worry if you can’t reach those toes at this time.

How it Works?

Yoga values mindfulness, self-compassion and stress reduction which may be implicated in healthy behavior changes and therefore weight loss and weight management.5 Cumulative research has found that yoga combined with nutrition instruction most successful for weight loss goals.1 Self-efficacy around diet related choices has been correlated with yoga practice along with changes in perceived stress.2

Talk about stress reduction!

Talk about stress reduction!

What can I expect?

Researchers found close to a 15 pound weight loss over a three months for those participants faithful to their yoga practice and adhering to nutritional recommendations.2 Initial research in children has also demonstrated a slow healthy loss of 2 kg over 12 weeks in children mostly of Hispanic decent.6 However, not all studies have found weight loss to be the ultimate result. Waist circumference was decreased by an average of 3.1 centimeters in among breast cancer survivors after a six-month yoga intervention, with no significant weight loss.7 Researchers have also been collecting data on other health markers finding improvements in blood pressure, lipids, markers of inflammation as well as measures of self-esteem, self-confidence and quality of life.

A Word of Caution…

Where weight loss results have been impressive in some initial studies, other studies did not had any significant results. Additionally, many of the studies completed thus far have been small and short duration pilot studies. Therefore it is difficult to predict or guarantee weight loss results from yoga.

How to get Started:

So if you are thinking that yoga for weight loss is something you would like to try here are a few guidelines research has provided for getting started:

1) Incorporate a yoga routine of three days per week for 75 to 90 minutes

2) Include multiple different yoga techniques including sustained asana practice, breathing techniques and deep relaxation

3) Commit to at least a three to six month trial of a yoga program

A yoga camp or weekend retreat has also been identified as beneficial for beginning a yoga practice.1,5 This can be especially helpful for those who have never practiced yoga in the past. While some researchers gave nutritional advice, others did not. However healthy eating and mindfulness is likely an important component of successful weight loss.1

Check out the following resources for additional yoga information:

  • Yogavibes – Online yoga videos and Core Fusion classes from the world’s leading instructors.
  • Yogaglo – Yoga poses and step-by-step online yoga classes and yoga postures featuring very basic to advanced yoga sequence for every level.
  • Yogafinder – Directory of yoga instructors and facilities around the world. Organized by location, can also search for instructor or facility by name.


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4 thoughts on “Yoga for weight loss

  1. Great post! I have wanted to deep dive into yoga for a while (I dabble here and there) but I unfortunately find it a little too expensive for my budget :( I try to grab Groupon deals when I can, and that helps, but I wish I lived close enough to a studio that was a little more affordable!

    Also, great to hear that there is researching backing weight loss from yoga. I feel like the trend right now is to push Crossfit or high intensity activities for weightloss, along with scary diet fads. While Crossfit and HIIT are great, it’s rough on the body sometimes and also, some people just don’t like it!

    • Groupon is a great idea! I recommend the yogavibes free trial to do yoga in your home! The research is accumulating and yoga is an every day intervention in other countries. I need yoga to recover from HIIT! While I am not consistent with yoga either, I always feel so much better when I am in the routine!

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