What I’m Listening To

One of my favorite uses for technology is learning and educating myself through podcasts and books “on tape”. I also love my iPhone for the apps and music it also brings me for my workouts. I wanted to share with you readers some of the current things I have been listening to. The great part is you can listen anywhere, in the car, at the gym, on a walk etc. All of these are free apps or podcasts to broaden your horizons.

1. Amy Myers MD – The Myers Way – Functional medicine podcast with great information on gluten and food sensitivities. I have really enjoyed the stories Dr. Myers shares and have learned so much from her podcast series. She also interviews other notable people from the health world.

Dr Amy Myers

2. Nutrition Diva – What I love about this podcast is that the episodes are all less than 10 minutes. Nutrition buzz topics and the latest news are covered with evidence based research. Learn about garcinia cambogia, FODMAPs and bulletproof coffee.

Nutrition Diva

3. RockMyRun – This app will bring your workouts up a notch. There are free downloadable mixes from all genres from rock to 90s to pop. If you run, walk or spend time doing any type of cardio you have to give this app a try!



What are your thoughts?

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