Carried Away! Week 1

Hello! I am starting something new this week and I invite you to join me every Sunday morning. I am titling this series “Carried Away” as I plan to share with you links of hot topics, news, blogs and stories in the realm of health and nutrition that I like and read throughout the week. You could say I get a little carried away ;)

From time to time I may add some of my own commentary, but this is really meant to be a collection that resonates with me in some way and I think could also benefit my readers. I hope you find something here that adds meaning and inspires a healthy life.

Now let’s get Carried Away!

Tips for Embracing a New Day

8 Practical Ways to Love God More Than Money

Ever growing number of women with gestational diabetes suggests future will be filled with children with early diabetes

How to not Skip Your Afternoon Workout

Find your Fitness Passion

4 Things about MS you probably didn’t know

Physical Activity enhances children’s learning ability: Finnish Study

Health Tip: Get Outside of your box

How to Stop Snacking After Dinner When You’re not Hungry


I realize how random this first collection is! Hopefully you can find something here for you. Leave feedback and any discussion in the comments or on my facebook.



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