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I am back! There was a point mid-September that something had to give. It was a little over a month out from our wedding and I just began the most challenging course in my graduate program to date. Something had to give. I didn’t give you any warning, I just disappeared and I hope you all understand. Taking a break from blogging was not ideal, yet it was the best decision I made. I had a little more time to focus on wedding prep and gave my school work full attention to score that A. When family and friends started arriving a week or so before the wedding, we spent as much time with them as we could. And then we got married ☺

Big Sur and other views along the way!

Big Sur and other views along the way!

Now I have my feet back on the ground and have the remainder of 2014 off from school. After a nice honeymoon, I am refreshed and ready to go. I also have a story to share from our honeymoon. We flew into L.A. and took our time driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco. We took in the elephant seals lounging on the beach, the tastes of wine in the mid-coastal region, explored small towns and spent our days taking in the attractions. When we arrived in San Francisco to wrap up the last two days of our trip, as routine, we checked into our hotel and then ventured out on foot. As we were walking in the bay area I couldn’t help but notice the rudimentary structure being assembled right at the beach. There was without a doubt a finish line coral, so I had to check it out. It just so happens we were watching the setup of the San Francisco Half Marathon that would be raced the next morning. We also discovered the route went over the Golden Gate Bridge and back, an attraction we planned to bike or walk on our own anyways. Unsure if registration was still available, Wes and I were a little giddy walking over to the expo. For the record, Wes didn’t immediately say no, and he actually got a bit excited as well. You see, we hadn’t necessarily been running as much in the past few months. We had moved into a new home and were busy with wedding planning so our mileage was not that stellar. We asked ourselves, “could we do this?” and we concluded that we HAD to do this. It was a once in a lifetime experience that had fallen right in our laps.

This was my 11th 1/2 marathon and Wes’ 4th

We registered and picked up race T-shirts and spent Saturday evening finding all the things runners need, like running socks and food for breakfast. We had a nice Italian dinner on the pier and set the alarm clocks for the first time in a week or so. Then we ran. We ran 13.1 miles of San Francisco – the hills, the Golden Gate Bridge – and completed a half marathon on our honeymoon. How many people can say that? I am so proud of my Husband, as I got him into this running gig just a few years ago, that he was physical ready for this half marathon at a moment’s notice. He also set a PR (personal record), by one second. We were in disbelief the rest of the day, “did we really just complete another half marathon?” and we were also a little sore ☺

An experience we will never forget!

An experience we will never forget!

Back to the present where we are settling back into our routine, straightening up the house and getting in long walks with our enormous puppy who we missed so much. After a week of eating out for almost every single meal I have enjoyed cooking every night and eating my regular salad for lunch. We are falling back into our normal exercise routine as well, which we are thankful to have. Due to this habit we were able to run a half marathon with about 12 hours’ notice, and have the time of our lives running it and will take forward memories that will be with us forever.


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