Half marathon #9 in the books – Ft. Myers Beach

This morning I completed my 9th half marathon! I am already signed up for #10 in January, as well. Wes and I ran the inaugural Ft. Myers Beach Half Marathon and luckily had a cool and overcast morning to do so. Even though our training hasn’t been perfect, we were both very happy with the results of our efforts. This event offered an out and back course, the first half marathon I have ran in this style, and I really enjoyed that part of it. This matches my training style for my weekend runs since I usually simplify things by running out and back instead of loops.

The spoils of racing! My race bib collection is getting pretty impressive.

The spoils of racing! My race bib collection is getting pretty impressive.

As most runners would agree, running a distance race like a half marathon is mostly mental. You train physically and have the strength and endurance to complete the distance, so you are physically capable. In my experience, the brain is the weakest link. Fighting the brain to keep going can be the toughest part.

Once again, I am reminded of how much I love the running community and these events. Cheers from strangers, encouraging words to keep you moving and high fives are given freely and with enthusiasm. There is no other community like it. While watching and waiting for Wes to come in, cheering the runners through the finish added to my own satisfaction and enjoyment of the event. Remember runners, pay it forward.

And it goes without saying, we are moving a little slow this evening, with a few extra aches and pains to remind us of the morning. We indulged a little… burgers, fries, cookies… and enjoyed our day. Tomorrow, I hope to fit in some restorative yoga and will tighten the diet back up. Next weekend we will continue our training for the Naples Half Marathon, which is in January. What can I say? I am addicted :)