How to be a Mindful Eater

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Mindful eating practices can naturally shape a healthy diet without counting calories or constantly depriving yourself. In this day and age everything is about speed and getting things done as quickly as possible. However, we want to rethink this development when it comes to our food and our eating habits. Try these 5 tips to eat more mindfully:


1) Turn off all electronics – Not only should the TV be off, but your phone should be no where within reach. Give the food, the flavors and the experience your FULL attention.

2) Sit at the table – So now that the TV is off, let’s move our meals back to the kitchen table. Rule out snacking on the couch and make that evening snack or dessert a actual occurrence rather than an all night graze.

3) Do not eat in the car – Hopefully eating is not getting your full attention at this point since you should be focusing on the road. When our focus is split the meal is not as likely to be satisfying and you are more likely to keep reaching for food. Try focusing on hydrating and sipping on water in the car instead.

4) Take smaller bites – The point here is to slow down and make the meal last longer. Allow your stomach the opportunity to tell your brain that you are full. Chew each bite thoroughly and set the fork down between each bites.

5) Shift your focus – Remember that each time we eat it is an opportunity to fuel our bodies and obtain nutrients that we need. You have the chance to improve your health and feel better with each bite. Bring the focus of eating back to fueling your body versus eating for pleasure.

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