Refinishing and Remembering

Telling you about this table is going to harder to articulate into writing than I thought.  While it may have appeared to be just your average oval table, with a golden oak stain that could likely be found in many households across the US, it is an priceless piece of furniture to me. 

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While I was studying for my RD exam after my recent graduation from the University of Cincinnati, my Aunt had just finished her classes for her Nurse Practitioners degree and was spending the summer preparing for her own big exam. We both studied hard (and are naturally smart;) and both passed our exams that summer. Next, it was exchanging details on the job hunt and finding a new position within the healthcare field. When I announced that I was taking a position in Florida and moving to Naples, my Aunt was excited and happy for me. As I prepared to move 1,000+ miles from home, she was more than happy to send her well-used kitchen table with me for my new apartment in Naples. She then awarded herself with a new kitchen table for the hard work she put in earning her degree.


I can honestly recall this table from my aunt and uncles first home when their youngest, Nick, was just a baby. I remember him sitting at the table and my aunt feeding him lunch in their tiny kitchen. Then in my more recent memories this table was the playing field for our annual Christmas competition – arm wrestling, and I believe the chairs were even used to pump out some dips. I can not even begin to count how many moments I shared with my Aunt, my cousins and my family around this table.

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Families gather around tables, as evidence by my Aunt Jacki, Uncle Ben, Meg and Nick’s handwriting underneath the table claiming their spots at dinner. It also captures her excitement and enthusiasm for my new adventure where she scribbled “This table is going to love Naples!” Shortly after my move to Naples my Aunt began her battle with leukemia and we recently lost her beautiful smile and truly beautiful soul this past spring. During this time Wes and I had put most our belongings in storage as we were anticipating the completion of our new and first home in Bonita Springs. I was anxious to get my hands on this old table, to see her words again and to make this part of our new home.

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Wes and I put a lot of sweat and elbow grease into this weekend project, and yes, it took all weekend. We also could not be happier or prouder of how it turned out. We sanded, primed, painted and sealed every inch of the table. I heard my Aunt never even liked this kitchen table (nor the new one she got to replace it) but I think that even she would like it now.

Aunt (n): A person who can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.

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P.S. If you want more details on how we refinished this table just ask!