Pantry Clean Out Challenge

Since we are taking off in less than a week, I have decided that we don’t need to go to the grocery this week. Wes and I buy proteins in bulk from Costco and have a pantry full of miscellaneous items, so it is time to use up whatever is lying around!

Pantry Peak!

Pantry Peek!

The one hurtle to this challenge is that we buy most all of our produce fresh. There a few tomatoes, baby carrots and some fruit left over from last week… but that is about it. Otherwise, we are going to be working with a half bag of frozen spinach, and whatever canned items Wes has left in his pantry. I am also stocked with a bag of frozen berries and have some raisins in the pantry as well. We both also have the opportunity to get lunches at work, so that will be a great opportunity to get in some fresh items.

My goal is to maintain good nutritional quality while using up the ingredients laying around. Things will be getting a bit more creative this week! I am determined NOT to go to the grocery store in order to save some money! Surprisingly enough I have some pretty normal meals planned this week. This week I should call them meal ideas though… just a vague list of the ingredients that will be used for the meal. Here is a glimpse of what we have going on:

Monday: Chicken, white beans, tomatoes

Tuesday: Steak, brown rice, baby carrots

Wednesday: Chicken panini, frozen spinach, cheese

Thursday: Ground turkey, ??

Then Friday we fly home and the real challenge begins…