What’s the deal with organics?

The number one reason I eat organic produce is that IT TASTES BETTER!! That may sound hard to believe, but I taste the difference between organic and what you would call chemical produce. I made almost an overnight switch to organics because many of my favorites like spinach, kale, apples and berries are on the “dirty dozen” list. Those on the dirty dozen list are those vegetables and fruits most often found contaminated with pesticides. It has been recommended that if it is too much of a financial burden to go all organic, at least buy organic with the dirty dozen.

Produce from the local organic farm! Yummy!

Produce from the local organic farm! Yummy!

Remember, it is still better to eat conventional produce versus no produce at all, so not being able to afford organics is not a good excuse (because we all know this is what Wes would say). I felt a financial squeeze in our weekly budget when I was trying to buy all organic at Publix. That is when I set out looking for other options. We are currently participating in a farmers market CSA (community supported agriculture) that has been so amazing! It is all organic and all local and I am shocked how much I can bring home with just around $12 per week. I would say I eat about $10 worth of this every week and it would be a little different if Wes decided to eat salads (he only helps with the potatoes and beets). So I highly recommend doing a google search for “local organic produce” or for “community supported agriculture” in your area. This is where you will save the mullah, not at your neighborhood Whole Foods.

Organics have become important to me, but remember we are all in our own place on our own health journey. We take different paths and the one I am on right now says organics are a priority – so is eating local. A good way to dabble with organics is slowly making the change. I have changed some of the staples in my diet, so that it is more cost efficient. Maybe you eat an apple every day. A significant change would just be buying organic apples, and let me tell you, they taste SO MUCH BETTER! While I have made a big deal about the taste, I also do want to avoid eating chemicals. The unknown repercussions are something I would rather go without.

So what other questions are there about organics?