Tofu tips from an expert

I have been on this vegan adventure for 30 days and finally have some tips to share with you all on preparing tofu. I called in the expert, Chef John Hart, (Owner, entrepreneur, food lover, veggie lover, food artist of Naples newest food truck, Organically Twisted) to help me out with this unfamiliar food item. John’s passion for good food always shine through with his creations and he is always willing to share his expertise.

Here is what John says on marinating tofu:

Okays so what you’re going to want to do if the tofu is in water, is you will want to take it out of all the water and wrap it in a paper towel and squeeze as much moisture out of it as you can. I mean really squeeze it hard, get as much moisture out as you can, but don’t squish it… it might break. Then cut into rectangles (if not already cubed).

Then make the marinade that you like, whatever you want, and set it aside in a small bowl. Then put some of the marinade on a plate and set the tofu on top of that. Put a little more marinade on top of the tofu and put saran wrap over that. Stick another plate on top of it and put it in the fridge. The plate on top will help weigh it down to help the marinade get absorbed into it. You can place a couple soup cans on top of that plate to make the plate a little heavier and down on the tofu.

Here is how I prepped my tofu following John's instructions.

Here is how I prepped my tofu following John’s instructions.

So I followed these simple directions and had wonderful tofu to serve for dinner tonight. Wes and I prepared dinner for his parents. Wes definitely pulls his full weight in the kitchen these days… he cooked the brown rice, the chicken and made the sauce for our stir fry tonight. I of course made the veggies and the tofu.

Can you believe Wes ate these veggies?? Seasoning makes all the difference :)

Can you believe Wes ate these veggies?? Seasoning makes all the difference :)

For all you readers in Southwest Florida, be sure to check out the Organically Twisted Foodtruck.(click to find OT on facebook. You grab some grub from OT here:

Naples Court House on Fridays 11-2

Vanderbilt Beach Shoppes Farmers Market Saturdays 8-2

John has tofu on the menu and many other vegetarian and vegan friendly menu options. Amoungst all the veggies and the amazing and flavorful food, lies Wes’ favorite… the special brownie (GF) :)