What I learned from my parents visit

What I learned during my parents visit:

No snow, but pretty lights for Mom and Dad's Christmas visit!

No snow, but pretty lights for Mom and Dad’s Christmas visit!

1. Adults are not allowed to order the kiddie ice cream cup at Kilwin’s. This really struck a nerve for me, as I was going to make a healthy choice, and the young high school kid behind the counter all but laughed in my face. Really. Not cool, Kilwin’s! (I chose to get nothing!)

2. Apparently there is a company that is producing ziplock baggies in ¼ cup and ½ cup increments. How awesome! This would be great for snacks like almonds or trail mix. It would be way more convenient than using a measuring cup every time as well! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them in the grocery down here and can’t even find a link online.

3.My mom fell for some fib that brining chicken (soaking it in salt) will remove any potential yucky things injected into the chicken. Sorry mom, but soaking raw chicken in salt water is meant to enhance the natural flavor of chicken and help it retain moisture. Lesson – Know what has been injected in your chicken as a preservative, etc. and start with a chicken you are okay with eating.

4. Sleep is soooo important! By going to bed by 10pm every night, I was able to enjoy my parents’ visit fully and still have a functional life and work week. I was not drained or exhausted from their visit and was able to relax and enjoy spending time with them a little more. It did help that my mom fell asleep on the couch by 9:30 every night, so I didn’t feel like I had to entertain any longer.

5. I am such a messy cook! I guess I have known this, but my mother definitely reinforced my knowledge of this throughout the week. It was nice though, that there was a kitchen fairy to unload my dishwasher and wipe down everything while I was at work… going to miss that!
So, as I spent time answering gluten, celiac, and dietary fat questions, my parents visit also broadened my own knowledge. There are always opportunities to learn something new! The conversation flowed from family, to food, to wedding, to food, to running, to food, to home, back to food and so on. Now they are back home, missing the warm weather, as we all return to our normal routines, a little smarter and a little more aware.