Read this before making your New Year’s resolution

As much as you’d think I would support health resolutions, I don’t see too many of them that actually lead to behavior change. Last year my resolution was to use my slow cooker one time per week. This helped me stick with balanced dinners even on those crazy, busy days. I loved trying out new recipes, and even upgraded to a crockpot with a time cook feature later in the year. Now, I have collection of recipes in my head (and some I have shared here) that simply my life during hectic weeks.

What I can’t stand is when resolutions are extreme diets, that are impossible to keep up for too long. Don’t set yourself up for failure! What about ignoring calories and focus on quality…. Include more vegetable, start reading those food labels (aim to actually know what all the ingredients are), shop local and forget restriction and setting yourself up for failure.

As the year turns, it is a great time to stop, think and reflect. Think about any health habits that may have faded out this year… anything from flossing, to lifting weights, or cooking at home instead of eating out. Think about the barriers that lead to those habits fizzling out, maybe you don’t have much experience in the kitchen or that your gym closed. Resolve to take cooking classes, subscribe to a cooking magazine, or tour some local gyms.

Maybe this year, leave specific food or exercise resolutions out of the equation. Think about making a volunteer commitment to an organization. Be generous with your time, your compliments, and your smiles. Have a deeper consideration for others and their situation, be empathetic. Take care of our earth – recycle, compost, garden. You would be surprised how resolutions like these can change your life.

As this year quickly winds down, I also want to thank you all again for your support and readership. This blog has been a blessing in my life and a place for me to share our life here and our own health journey. So much is in store for Wes and I in 2014 and I am excited to share it with you. More recipes, more stories, more inspiration to come!